Robert MacFarland has been in the computer repair industry since 1997.

Starting off in Upstate NY working at a $65M/year Software Manufacturing Company, Robert, (or Bob), worked his way up from NW Engineer to IT Manager.
After the SW Company, Bob worked servicing several small businesses in the local area, ranging from Manufacturing, Lawyer's Offices, and Financial Companies to Non-Profit organizations..
The types companies serviced were Accounting Firms, Banks, Manufacturing, Dog Rescue, Airplane Retail Sales, etc...

Bob has worked on UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac platforms resolving both Hardware and Software issues.

Bob has decided that NY was not the place for him to live, so he found Louisa, Va.
Understanding the need for low cost computer repair, he decided to "come down" to Louisa and start working where he can really make a difference.
Having established a good reputation in Louisa at Main Street Computers, Bob continues to perform the same High Standard of work that he did in NY, at a lower cost to the personal customers.

Bob has a dedication to his customers, and will work to make sure his customers are happy with the services that he provides.

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Have a GREAT DAY!!!